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Cross-Media Marketing

Key Benefits of Cross-Media Marketing

Uses of Cross-Media Marketing

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  • Increased interest from your customers and prospects because with Cross-Media Marketing, you can customize each and every communication touch point such as a personalized web page (PURL), an email or a direct mail piece.

  • Target specific customers with specific needs, with specific products, and services.

  • Tracking and reporting is very easy and automated. All touchpoint of a cross media marketing campaign can be tracked to the exact person in that campaign.

  • Customer acquisition and retention strategies - cross sell/up sell customer base.

  • 70%+ lifts in response rates.

  • Grow and acquire new customers, members, and donors with tightly integrated campaigns customized to individual preferences.

  • Drive customers and prospects to your business with online promotions, coupons, and other offers.

  • Gather valuable insight from customers with online surveys

  • Capture email addresses to use in ongoing campaigns.

cross media marketing and strategies

M.A. Communications delivers a Cross-Media Marketing solution that enables your company to build, manage, execute and measure all aspects of your marketing efforts.

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